the economical kate.

A lot of celebrities dream of one day meeting the Queen. If you are Kate Middleton, you do it in a $298 dollar dress. That’s why they call her the People’s Princess.

Not only did she have to present herself to Her Majesty, but also had to shake hands with Barrack and Michelle Obama.

But with style, the type that only Kate could pull off, she attended the day  in an elegant, nude-coloured dress that looked a million dollars.

Given the affordability of such a beautiful dress, that a royal herself wore, other available stock of the garment sold out almost instantly, as the news of her fashion choice went viral online.

Those who were lucky enough to get their hands on one, took to Ebay to gain a profit; one seller offering the dress for over $600 – double the amount it retailed for.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama sported a Tfank frock, worth over $2520.

She’s a keeper, Will.