Rebecca Black – mum to be?

As if the Youtube sensation doesn’t have enough to worry about, Rebecca Black has just endured a tough weekend of speculation and rumours, of a baby on the way.

Circulating the social networks across the globe, comments about Black being pregnant have sparked a massive agenda for everyday conversation. 

Photoshopped photo that sparked the rumour.

Shocked, the singer took to Twitter to announce – and correct – the world, explaining that she thought it was “May 15th, not April Fools Day”.

She might be the girl the world loves to hate, but the star has come out to say, “I’m absolutely NOT pregnant”.

The rumours sparked when iReport, a CNN program, reported the apparent fact, despite its inaccuracy – having originated from a prankster posting an edited photo of Rebecca, holding a “I’m Pregnant” sign, on Facebook. 

Website, has expressed how the matter is more serious than just a misleading piece of news. 

“It’s shocking that a reputable news network would fall prey to a rumor/hoax such as this. It just goes to show that the power of the web is infinite, when it comes to spreading both information and misinformation”. 

Poor Rebecca, when will she catch a break?