the ugly society.

It has been brought to my attention just recently, that new groups on Facebook, are being created for the mere purpose of ‘gossip’ in different Victorian suburbs.

Living in Australia, usually I am dignified and proud of the type of country I live in, the people I associate with, and the environment that I base my life around.

Sometimes, the ugliness in society, emerges from the darkness.

Currently, Facebook pages are being created for people to post rumours and stabs at each other, forcing what seems to be all of the community around me – at least in the adolescent demographic – to become backstabbing, two-faced manipulators.

And maybe that is just me, but surely there is something evil and appalling about this situation.

I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that young adults have committed suicide over this sort of thing.

It has a name – bullying.

Where is the logic?