apple of the eye.

If you own an iPhone, half the fun of having one to your name, is showing it off to those that don’t. With the release of the iPhone 5 being the target for rumours and predictions, the new model is said to feature a screen that has the ability to block “peekers” out.

So, if you are one of the people that tries to snoop in on what your friend is texting to her hearthrob, you will be sorely disappointed to know that the content on the new screen will not be visible, at certain angles.

This means, that unless you are viewing the iPhone from a direct, in-front angle, you will be able to see nothing but your own reflection; perfect for those of you who’d rather see your own appearance than your BFF’s dirty little secrets.

Though the device is still in blueprinting, and Apple is yet to confirm these predictions, the release of the iPhone 5 is still hot on the agenda’s of tech-experts.

Don’t worry, for those of you who’d rather flaunt your private life, the screen settings will allow you to turn the function on, off or down.