the not-so apocalypse.

If you are reading this, then there is a good chance you survived the May 21st Judgement Day Rapture. Good job, I applaud you.

Well, actually, most of us did survive the zombie apocolypse, probably due to the fact that it didn’t occur. Surprised?

Harold Camping, the man behind the predictions of the world would ending in the next 5 months, claimed that by 6pm (US time), God would bring back all those that have ever died, to unleash amongst people that have ever sinned against him.

Some believers were thrown into panic, even quitting their jobs to help repent others out on the streets before it was all too late. Others planned parties to farewell the ‘good’ Christians, whom they believed would be beamed up to heaven on this night. Lucky for man, it looks like we have a few million, perhaps billion, years ahead of us.

Locations such as Mexico, have been hit that hard with talk of the world ending, that billboards were put up stating “Christ is coming back on May 21st”, alongisde other believers who have claimed that the New Zealand and Japan earthquakes are a sign of this return.

Unsurprisingly, Camping’s predications failed once before, in 1994, leaving him to be laughed at by the rest of the world.

Perhaps, for those of you that want to make a big deal of the failing rapture, adhere to the Twitter suggestion to leave a set of clothes and shoes on your front lawn, to create the impression that God has beamed someone up to heaven.