shaun diviney.

I’m not one to watch Spicks and Specks when it pops up on my television screen, but occasionally I will go to the effort to sit through an episode with my father, who is completely tied up in it. All things aside, the quiz/gameshow, featuring Australian celebrities, is quite entertaining, regardless of your age. 

Shaun Diviney

Two nights ago, I gathered with my family in my grandmother’s lounge to watch the newest episode , merely because the mood was low and there was nothing else to do but sulk. Point being, I watched it from start to finish and laughed more than several times. It got me going, I admit it. 

What really caught my attention, or perhaps just my eye (wink, wink), was the delightful Shaun Diviney. 


Shaun Diviney?

Uh, who?

Okay, he’s the lead singer of the Australian rock band, Short Stack, and he is incredibly humorous. The guy also plays electric guitar – there you go girls.

Anyway, I spent the hour giggling at his witty comebacks to Marcia Hines and Peter Helliar, which made it all the more funnier, and learnt that the boy had only recently recieved a haircut. Uh, Shaun, kudos on the new do.

So, get yourself on Twitter, and follow the guy because – wait for it – HE ACTUALLY REPLIES! 

Like I told him so before, he definetly has me as a fan now; I’ll pay attention the next time Short Stack strike up the radio. 

Img: Shortstackpics