Plankers be warned.

Source: Google images

Barely even a week ago, a man was killed after plunging seven stories when he lost balance on the balcony railing. The young man, only 20, was planking. Now, another Australian victim is fighting for his life due to an attempt at planking on a moving car.

Again, 20 years-old, the New South Wales resident fell from the bonnet of the vehicle, despite neighbours calling to him and his friends to slow down. He now remains in hospital in a serious coma.

Only a few days ago, police warned that planking is becoming a dangerous and almost an “extreme sport”, that is going to claim more lives. 

Not so many laughing now.

Planking, for those who haven’t read my previous post, is an act whereby the person lays face down on random, and sometimes dangerous, objects. Photographs are taken, and uploaded to social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and the Australian Planking website. 

Australian celebrities have also been accused of encouraging the practice, where stars such as Gary Ablett and Sam Newman have been publicly viewed planking. 

The police continue to remind the community that planking is no longer a practical joke, but more so a serious issue in modern society. 

Plankers  be warned.