forever in blue jeans.

Knowing that death is an inevitable part of life, makes the occurance of death that little bit more difficult. We know that one day, in our turn, we will leave the world, whether to our own disgression or against our will. It is going to happen.

In the last month, I have been dealing with the thought of death, and delt with a million thoughts on what to do when it comes around. How do you cope if someone you love is taken from you?

With the passing of my beloved grandfather yesterday morning, it did not come with a shock that he had left us, but came shockingly as a rude awakening of reality. It was going to happen, we had all been waiting for it, but when your thoughts suddenly become the real thing, everything becomes sorrowful.

Last night, I was given the task to organise a slideshow of photos of my grandfather, who we know as Pappy. I collected dozens from the cupboard; me when I was younger, feeding the chickens next door with him; my sister when she was two, holding his hand whilst they wandered down the channel at the farm. These memories gave me nothing but tears, and unsurprisingly, I cried myself to sleep.

Rest in peace, Pappy.

When I finished the project, however, I was told to put the music of Neil Diamond’s, Forever in Blue Jeans, to it. For those of you that don’t know of the song, as I didn’t last night, it is a beautifully written, rock ballad, which Pappy used to sing aloud for much of his life.

Since last night, I have listened to this song at least a few dozen times. It’s not that I like it, I don’t think I do. It is more that my Pappy, my hero and grandfather, sang this song when he was happy. Hearing the words of it, makes me feel like his voice is still around.

I await the funeral now, on Thursday, where I will hear this song for the last time.

Forever in Blue Jeans, Pappy.

Rest in peace.