the one and only, darren criss.

You don’t have to be a Gleek to lust after the dreamy, Darren Criss, and let’s face it, we know you already are. 

Joining the cast for the second season of the musical sensation, Glee, Criss represents the gay community through his lovable character, Blaine. 

The controversial episode – featuring a kiss between co-star, Chris Colfer and himself –  has now become known as “supporting the homosexual community”. 

Darren Criss

Criss now features on the front of magazine covers across the world, as a representation of “gay teens”. 

In a recent interview with AfterElton, Criss stated that, “The response from the gay community, of course has been very strong”.

“To me, the coolest part has been the response from people from parts of the world, who are maybe not as exposed to certain ideologies and have expressed to me first that they have kind of reevaluated the idea – the way they think about, not necessarily homosexuality, but to relationships and just human rights basically.”

With the second season of Glee now coming to a close, fans await to see how Kurt and Blaine’s relationship pans out in the return of the series, next year.

“The magic doesn’t happen until after you get to see it yourself,” Criss says.

[Img: Darren Criss – Babble]