chaos on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

A man was arrested this morning, after holding up commuters on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, where police were forced to close the location down. 

The ex-military worker, who goes by the name of “Mick”, stopped a car in peek hour traffic, just before 7am (EST), and used a ladder in order to climb the bridge’s fences. From there, he unravelled banners with the words, “Plz help my kids” and “kids first”, for all of the public to see. 

In a call to 2GB radio this morning, “Mick” explained that he wanted to “protest against the treatment of kids”, in regards to the Department of Community Services.

The stir caused fear of a terrorism threat, with police shutting down all lanes across the bridge, but has set the conversation agenda for Australian’s and other people alike. 

The incident, causing a mass police operation, is now trending on Twitter. 

Protest on Sydney Harbour Bridge.