the ghost of Di.

It may be over 13 years that the beloved Princess Diana was killed in a car accident, in Paris, but flooding news of an upcoming documentary is headed the Royals’ way.

The newly-weds, Kate and William, who are currently planning their secret honeymoon, are yet to be hit with what is said to be the most “potentially explosive” documentary, titled The Unlawful Killing.

Princess Diana

The piece blames the royal family for Diana’s tragic death, stating that it was an act to rid of the Princess and her boyfriend.  It clearly states that the incident was a deliberate order from royal officials, supplying images of what seems to be the dying moments of Diana in the underpass of Paris at the time of the accident.

In addition, the documentary also claims that Prince Philip is a Nazi-sympathiser, who is currently suffering from a psychotic, mental illness.

The film is set for release in Cannes, France during this month, and will inevitably cause quite a stir.