Lilley’s ‘Angry Boys’.

"Gran", Angry Boys.

Australian screenwriter and actor Chris Lilley, is back this year with another soon-to-be-hit titled, Angry Boys.

The series aired on Tuesday the 11th of May at 9pm on the ABC, featuring some familiar characters from the previous series of We Can Be Heroes. 

Though the story follows that of six humorous characters, Lilley describes the show as looking at 21st century males “under the microscope”, and has been pre-filmed at over 70 locations, including Australia, Japan and the United States.

Lilley’s previous hit series of Summer Heights High attracted more than1.3 million viewers per episode, selling a record-hitting amount of DVDs at its release. The show also recieved a Logie award.

Appearing on the ABC in Australia and the BHO in America, Angry Boys is anticipated to be yet another huge success for Lilley, with the first episode kicking off tonight, and immediately trending on Twitter at the strike of 9pm.

Check the official trailer out here at