her royal hotness.

It may be corny, but that is exactly what Pippa Middleton has been labelled, by millions of men around the world. Since her debut at her big sister’s royal wedding the other week, Pippa has become a fashion and modelling sensation, with speculation about the party life and antics of the younger sibling, rising in the midst of the media. 

Pippa drew attention in her slinky Alexander McQueen number, as she held the back of Kate’s dress, drawing more than enough attention to what has been labelled as her “perfect body”, with even Prince Harry admitting that she is definitely “on the radar”. 

Now, with the paparrazi swarming her Chelsea home, neighbours have admitted that the stunning royal relative has a very active social life, one man claiming that there is often loud music coming from her apartment.

Pippa Middleton - sister of the Duchess of Cambridge

But it is not just her adoring smile that is enchanting men and women alike, with reports that a major pornography company has offered Pippa $5 million to appear in one scene. 

This comes after revealing photos of Pippa emerged on the internet, causing a stir with what is deemed to be ruining her etiquette relationship to being an almost-royal. 

One thing is certain – we will be seeing a lot more to come of Pippa Middleton. 

Hip ‘Pip’ Hooray!