rocky waters.

Well, we all know it is a pressing issue, most of us since the ‘Children Overboard’ scandal under John Howard’s government, but the escalating annoyance of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants coming to Australian shores, is finally being recognized.

Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has announced that the nation has created an allegiance with Malaysia, for a scheme to put an end to the ‘boat people’  predicament.

The project, which is currently being finalised by the two governments, claims to have the answers that both nations have been looking for, with a trade-off that is set to decrease the amount of illegal immigrants that are let into Australia.

In agreement, Malaysia will take in 800 illicit refugees, whom have attempted to enter Australian waters. To call it even, Australia will accept  4,000 legal refugees from Malaysia, into the country over 4 years.  

Gillard has announced to the nation that “nobody should doubt [our] resolve to break the peoples smugglers’ business model”. 

And so we shouldn’t, considering it is costing Australia $292 million, with every individual refugee costing taxpayers $50,000 to let into the country.