‘Clap Your Hands’ for Sia.

Usually, I like to sleep in. I like to get up late, take my time to get dressed and make myself presentable, even if all I will be doing for the day is chewing my nails off while I watch several episodes of Weeds. Mostly, I love this because it is a whole lot of ‘me time’, and I love ‘me time’. 

Three discs later, I found myself procrastinating against the pile of study I told myself I would do, to make up for staying in bed too long. Instead, I wound up listening to a mix of Sia, the queen of slow songs and ballads, and lost myself in a bubble bath and Soon We’ll Be Found. I returned after that, to the remaining episodes of season two of Weeds


After ten minutes, I put Nancy on pause, as I found myself humming the undoubtedly catch melodies of the sweet, sweet Sia. And alas, here I sit, scaring my chihuahua away from my lap as I sing (badly) to myself. 

Sia. Sia. Sia. 

To those that are not Australian, and not familiar with the subject of my ranting, Sia is an Aussie born, pop singer and writer, who was recently nominated for the Best Breakthrough Artist award at the last ARIA ceremony. 

Mostly, she is unusual with her unique voice and music that is no where near the stereotypical repeats that I seem to find myself listening to these days, and has also scored herself a song in the hit saga, Twilight: Eclipse (calm down boys, we know you hate the vamps, but this chick is seriously good). 

Sia’s latest album, We Are Born (2010) also received nominations for Best Pop Release. 

Witness the beauty of what is Sia here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1x8DMfbYN4