rest in peace.

You learn a lot from life. Mostly, you learn a lot about life from the people that are learning about how to live life. Sometimes, you learn all the hard things in life from those that couldn’t.

In being alive, we choose to carry on with out motions. We choose to get up in the morning; or not to. We choose whether to smile on that day or frown for the next week. In being alive, we choose the person we want to portray. Often, and unfortunately, the hardest part about life, is not being able to become the person you want to – or to live that joyful life that you so dearly desire.

You learn this from the people that never knew how to cope , or had too many overwhelming battles with the effort of living day to day. You learn a lot from life.

Often, people pass you by, and slip past you. Sometimes they never return. These are the people you learn most from. They take their lives so that you can learn the hard way.

Rest in peace.