Obama’s “Osama Boom”.

There is no need to yet again remind the world that the world’s deadliest man has been taken out by the now-notorious Team 6 from the SEAL military, co-ordinated by the US in affiliation with the Pakistan forces, however, the sparking claims and conspiracies that bin Laden was not killed, are surfacing with bubbles in the media’s waters. 

Sceptics around the globe are  convinced that the blood and gory mess  shown in the photographs, of what is said to be the deathbed of bin Laden, is not from the killing of the infamous Al Qaeda director. In fact, stories that the entire operation was a set-up by the US government, to allow for Obama’s popularity to increase, are being reported from every which corner of the planet. 

Demands to have the photographs of bin Laden’s body released to the public have gone viral, with millions offering their faith to the US government, if the evidence is put forth. So, the world braced themselves for the thrilling images to air next week. 


On Wednesday, Obama explained to media authorities that the photographs will not be allowed for viewing by the public, due to the “bloody and gory depiction” of the scene.  His reason – “to prevent global backlash” – and rightly so. 

The Situation Room - Hilary's mysterious photograph

How would those images of a body with several holes in his head, go down at the dinner table?

Despite the public’s disbelief of the earth-moving assassination, a photograph of what appears to be a bloodied body, has been snapped on Hilary Clinton’s laptop in a recent meeting with US authorities in the Situation Room this week.

“The United States targeted an enemy and took him out. Sought him. Shot him in the head. Killed him. It’s a huge deal,” Clinton remarks. 

Now, with murder of bin Laden still well-fitted in the agendas of conversation across the globe, Obama is reeping the benefits, with a 9% increase in his popularity ratings. 

For the time being, the world will have to take their own opinions into consideration when making up their minds about this week’s news, but all theories aside,  – would the US really lie about taking out the world’s most wanted man?