a black friday for Rebecca.

Well, it’s not quite Friday, but for Rebecca Black, it may be the most haunting day of the week, despite her claims that she is “gonna get down”. The 13-year old cyber-sensation has had more than 130 million views on Youtube as well as hitting the iTunes chart, despite the considerable amount of abuse the song has attracted.

Black, who is currently receiving global abuse and death threats to “cut herself” and “get skinny, so she can be pretty”, has admitted that she has regretted releasing the single due to the negative publicity she has received.

The acts, which Black describes as “cyber-bullying”, has struck her with such an emotional blow, that she has been left in tears whenever insensitive criticism has occurred.

Rebecca Black

Now, as the overnight-star leaves her lyrical disaster for the public to poke fun at, she joins Justin Bieber for the production of a duet, which will be released to the world in the near future.

One thing is for sure, Rebecca Black will no longer be struggling with the decision on which seat she should take in the car, but rather be questioning her choice of music to attempt to bring her fame back from the dumpster.

[Quotes sourced from Herald Sun Website]