everyday superheroes.

The hype of Osama Bin Laden’s death has taken the world by storm. But who exactly were the men that carried out the eleven-year deed? Meet SEAL, the United States force that is trained to carry out the most intricate missions in the harshest conditions.

Team 6, the group of soldiers that took out the world’s deadliest terrorist, have been thought to “never existing” before now. The group, as a classified government secret which has unraveled in the midst of heroism, is made up of elite members who know the world’s ins and outs.

In training, the men that apply to become part of SEAL, face tests that no ordinary person could cope with. They are trained to hold their breath underwater for two minutes straight, swim in arctic seas where the temperature is beyond deadly, camouflage themselves in any condition  and even shoot with any gun with exact precision; and that is just the beginning.

Truly, these men can be called heroes. Perhaps even superheroes, but most importantly they are the guards of the world, keeping us safe from the powerful assassins, like Bin Laden, in a way that only two years of training can adjust you for. Even then, 75% of those that apply and undergo all the tests, still don’t make it.

Team 6