little wanderings.

People can wander by and barely say a word. People can walk into your life, and completely turn it around. People can be rude, can be crude and can be downright hurtful. Other people can be delightful and possible change the entire attitude of your bad day. Those are the people that you should always stop to talk to; conversation is unpredictable. 

This morning, as I was serving customers at my part-time job, a British fellow came in looking for a plush kangaroo. Unfortunately for him, we were all out of the ones he was seeking. Instead, we exchanged in a lovely chat about his hometown in England. As it turned out, the gentleman resides in a little town just outside the scene for the Harry Potter film set. From this, he told me about the little river that he likes to visit, and how the place is incredibly peaceful and inspiring. I told him in response, that I would love to visit England. 

From there, our conversation grew to the recent royal wedding. He had watched it and complimented the way that these particular royals were “not up themselves about being who they are”. We both agreed that the event was entirely lovely and that Prince William is very admirable. 

“You missed your chance with him, huh?” The man chuckled. 

I was sad to see the fellow go, as the line for my register grew by the minute. He waved awkwardly as I asked the next customer to step to the counter, and told me that he would return shortly. I didn’t see him again before the end of my shift. 

Shortly after my encounter with the lovely British man, I served a lady who was well into her middle-aged years. She explained to me, in fits of excitement, that she is going to the Justin Bieber, My World, tour tonight in Melbourne, with her teenage son. Turns out Bieber Fever is wider-spread than we first thought; his fans come in all ages and genders. 

I felt complacent as I left my workplace to head off to university, but began thinking about the people that I had come across during my day. I thought about my other shifts, and how many of my customers were Average-Joe’s who thought they knew right from wrong.

I will most likely never see that delightful gentleman again, or find out how the woman’s experience with Bieber goes tonight. What really matters, is that I came across these people and conversed with them. Who knows, maybe one day I will come across that one person that will completely change my life.