did you want an insult with that?

There are a lot of reasons for why we all go shopping. Sometimes, it is the only way we can destress and return to our cool state. Sometimes, it is to collect and hoard possessions that we really don’t need. Other times, it is for our own necessity. As much as shopping is a part of our lives, the attitude that comes with is just as much present as the money in our wallets. Enter the madman’s cave: the shopping complex.

Working in retail brings with it the most horrid, unpleasant people in existence. Sure, some customers can be the only thing to brighten your day, but the reality is that for every decent customer, there is narcisstic, negative-Nancy to follow.

Recently, I was working a shift at the refunds area, where I was forced to serve a woman who has continued to to find a way to scam the store. From this, she also manages to pull it off with her flawless arguments. It doesn’t matter, because it all comes down to being everyone else’s fault.

I’m not really one for a good shop, but when I haul myself down to the latest sales, I give respect and decency to each and every associate I come across in each and every store. Fair enough, we all have our bad days, but there is a point where “having a bad day” collides with bullying.