dead knowledge.

There are days in the year where everything is something else. Happiness is forgotten and all lies are prominent. Wake to find only everything upside-down, with nothing placed in a perfect perspective. Words that are said, are never how they are meant whilst, actions are never played out how they are planned. Living on a prayer, that was given by self-respect; happiness will be only temporary. Anything can happen, in a moment of time. The world could even stop. Still, at the day’s end, the sun will set. The moon will dance in it’s place. Anything and everything can rip a soul apart and kill the heart’s desires. Time will not standby to watch a world in chaos. On the day that time does end, a new beginning will be born. All the pain, sorrow, bliss and ground-breaking happenings that ever were to be, will dim to nothing but the forgotten ghosts of everything we have ever known.