born what way?

This morning, as I procrastinated about going to gym, I entertained myself with an episode of the one and only Ellen, and when I say this, it is needless to add that I was engrossed in the guests she had on for the day. Now, in today’s day and age, it is easy to be criticized for being the only person you know how to be – you. Having said that, I was completely invested in the outfit that Lady Gaga walked onto the set with. Nothing less of what you expect from her, she trended a black and intricate design that only she could pull off. On top, a glorious hat to sit on her fake-red hair, and dark lipstick to add to her midnight effect. I applaud her, much like the audience of Ellen, for her absolute confidence to be able to “self-worship”, as the star herself labelled it.

Still, as she took a seat on Ellen’s infamous lounge, she looked proper, despite the lack of clothing she had on. This was for no other reason than her ability to love who she is, even after the many horrific, bullying-filled years she endured in her past.

But as Gaga talked continuously about how important it is to love the person you are, I couldn’t help but ponder about whether the individual she makes herself out to be, is actually the woman that she is. Sure, she’s outrageous; eccentric and extravagant, but unfortunately that is what makes her so easy to hate. I’m sure the vegetarian’s loved her slab-of-meat outfit that she recently wore at the VMAs. Beef anyone?

Don’t get me wrong, I am gaga for Gaga, and I am completely compelled to say that she is an individual that no one will forget.

Lady Gaga

Perhaps this idealistic woman is what we should expect for 21st century music. Perhaps Lady Gaga is merely the standard that all artists should be working up to. Hoorah, Gaga – you certainly put the ‘art’ in ‘artist’.